Medimix Specialty Pharmacy is Your Personal Pharmacist

Being one of the official and reliable suppliers of pharmaceutical and medical products, we work together with manufacturers that supply accredited medications all over the world. Direct collaboration with pharmaceutical companies allowed us to achieve the wholesale prices and our customers can save money twice and even more once there are promotions or discounts. From our state-of-the-art designated laboratory to our caring and ambitious staff, to our clinical research and loyalty programs, the Medimix advantage is clear at every level of the organization.

A Full-Service, PCAB Accredited Compounding Pharmacy

Specializing in providing patients with customized and innovative prescription formulations for a wide array of disease states. Our topical formulations may:

• Reduce systemic absorption, resulting in fewer side effects
• Decrease the need for oral medications
• Minimize drug-to-drug interaction

The staff at Medimix understands that each patient is affected by medications differently, and as such we work hard to tailor our treatments. The results of a counseling can be then taken to your pharmacy of choice; thus, we help many customers in need of mail-ordering healthcare items to their who need their conditions confirmed by a certified specialist. For example, optimal treatment may involve not only the use of traditional analgesics like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and opioids, but may also include medications that possess pain-relieving properties like antidepressants, anticonvulsants, anesthetics or antiviral agents.

When turning to our services, you are deprived of staying in queue and listening to the complaints of other people but our experts are ready to listen to you. Only a qualified approach to solving health-related issues and pharmacists who accomplished various training not only on drugs administration but mastership of professional communication with clients.

Our target is to provide each and every segment of the population with cheap medications. And our mission is to work only with safe suppliers and manufacturers that produce drugs with approved ingredients. We truly believe that people should have access to fast treatment in the same fast way as they regularly can consume food and drink water with no trouble. Unfortunately, it is not always possible but with the competitors. From our side, our team does its best to satisfy the clients’ needs. However, we do always insist on the previous consultation with a doctor.

Besides, if you hesitate about the safety of turning to online pharmaceutical distributors, our servers are 100% secure, so ordering or purchasing process remains fully confidential. Any inquiries or personal information including the credentials are encrypted and are never shared with the third parties. There is no hacking and no unauthorized access. Even the most sensitive details are only between you and our team.

If you seek efficient medicines for allergies, erectile problems, alopecia, cough, and cold, contraception products, vaccines, and other, Medimix may be your personal assistant in choosing the right solution. Fill in the questionnaire, consult our customer support, and get the answers to all bothering questions provoked by your condition. Feel yourself at home and get rid of the tiresome problems with Medimix.

Currently Enrolling Studies
ComPPAS: Compounded Pain Preparation

Absorption Study

ENDURE: Efficacy of Novel Drug Combinations

for Relief of Psoriasis

MINTS: Micronutrients in Neuropathy

Treatment Study

REVERT: Effectiveness of Compounded Bioidentical Hormone

Replacement Therapy in Reducing Menopausal Symptom

SCAR: Strategic Compounding to Accelerate Scar Resolution

Post-Breast Augmentation

TOPCAPP: Topical Compounded Pain Creams And Pain Perception