Fellowship Mission Statement

As a Personalized Medicine, Compounding, and Research Fellow of Medimix Specialty Pharmacy, you will assemble a portfolio of experiences ranging from medication therapy management to clinical research, positioning you for top level careers in academia, industry, or entrepreneurship. Fellowship directors with highly decorated resumes lead our program which includes product development, clinical research, medication therapy management, teaching opportunities, lectures and presentations, publications, medical communications, sales, and marketing. Upon completion of our fellowship program, you will have an unparalleled resume giving you the competitive edge for any position you wish to pursue.

Program Benefits:

As a fellow at Medimix,you will be afforded unique opportunities that will develop and prepare you with skills that will help you throughout your career. Our goal at Medimix Specialty Pharmacy is to help you develop the most competitive profile for any sector of pharmacy practice you wish to pursue.
This includes:
• Learn and execute Medimix’s proprietary 34-step process to product development to create a new compound and then participate in sales and marketing to track the product’s success
• Write and conduct federally registered research on a multitude of topics, including pain management, BHRT, and topical wound therapy
• Form personal and professional relationships with health care providers across the country
• Conduct patient interviews and consultations on a variety of compounded products
• Perform presentations to fellow pharmacists, technicians, and medical providers
• Educate future pharmacists through preceptorship and other teaching opportunities

• Understand the entrepreneurial aspects that allow a business to become successful

For more benefits information on the Personalized Medicine, Compounding, and Fellowship at Medimix Specialty Pharmacy, please email Ben Epstein, Pharm.D. at bepstein@medimixpharmacy.com.

About the Fellowship Directors:

Benjamin Epstein, Pharm.D., BCPS
Dr. Epstein completed his Residency and Fellowship at the University of Florida, where he also established a Research Program and Pharmacotherapy Clinic. He later accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy with a joint appointment in the College of Medicine. Dr. Epstein has authored articles published in New England Journal of Medicine, Drugs, American Family Physician, Current Opinion on Investigational Drugs, Pharmacotherapy, and Annals of Pharmacotherapy. In 2012, Dr. Epstein leveraged his collective academic and clinical research expertise to launch Medimix Specialty Pharmacy. As co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, he has helped catapult Medimix to the forefront of the industry.
Rushab Choksi, Pharm.D.
From clinical practice, to seven years in pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Choksi brings a strong background in clinical research. With extensive experience in medical affairs at multiple pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Choksi understands all roles from investigators to coordinators. His therapeutic expertise spans a broad range of disease states including cardiology, pulmonary medicine, nephrology, hematology, and primary care. As co-founder of Medimix, Dr. Choksi works closely with the research, sales and marketing teams.

Past & Current Fellows:

Under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Epstein and Dr. Rushab Choksi
Donna Leverone, Pharm.D.
Program Dates: 2009-2010
Currently: Assistant Professor, Temple University College of Pharmacy
Niren Shah, Pharm.D.
Program Dates: 2010-2012
Currently: Medical Science Liaison, Novartis
Marjohn Armoon, Pharm.D.
Program Dates: 2012-2013
Currently: Medical Science Liaison, Johnson and Johnson
Rebecca Rosenwasser, Pharm.D.
Program Dates: 2012-2014
Currently: Director of Clinical Operations, East Coast Institute for Research
Rohit Tahiliani, Pharm.D.
Program Dates: 2013-2014
Currently: Vice President of Clinical Services, Veterinary Compounding

Gregory Koyama, Pharm.D.

Program Dates: 2014-Present
University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Jenny Liu, Pharm.D.

Program Dates: 2014-Present
University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Areas of Research:

Medimix Specialty Pharmacy is one of the only compounding pharmacies in the country committed to conducting groundbreaking clinical trials.
Ongoing studies include:
• Topical Compounded Pain Creams and Pain Perception (TOPCAPP)
• Relieving Vasomotor Symptoms Effectively with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy: The REVERT Study
• Compounded Pain Preparation Absorption Study (ComPAS)
• Efficacy of Novel Drug Combinations for Relief of Psoriasis (ENDURE-Psoriasis)

• Strategic Compounding to Accelerate Scar Resolution After Surgery (SCARS)

While most compounds never undergo clinical testing, Medimix is committed to being a change agent in the industry, leading the way by conducting studies that elucidate the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of compounded medications. This commitment distinguishes Medimix from other compounders and affords fellows opportunities to work in uncharted areas. Acquired skills are applicable to positions in academia, industry and clinical settings, and separate candidates from other job applicants.

Fellows play an integral role in the research process at Medimix, learning how to a design a study, write a protocol, work with IRBs, execute the study, and present and publish the results.

How to Apply:

For more information about the Compounding Pharmacy Fellowship at Medimix Specialty Pharmacy, please email Ben Epstein, Pharm.D. at support@medimixpharmacy.com.


The fellowship directors take great pride in the experience they provide their fellows and ensure graduating fellows gain the skills necessary to be top candidates in their future career choices. All graduating fellows have been offered and accepted well-recognized positions and have advanced tremendously in their careers.
– Rebecca Rosenwasser, Pharm.D., Nov 2013

Not a day goes by without me learning how important a post-graduate training opportunity was to my professional success. I never knew how equipped I would be to face the real world. It’s indescribable how a simple investment afforded me a lifetime of dividends.
– Niren Shah, Pharm.D., Nov 2013


My two year academic ambulatory care residency under Dr. Benjamin Epstein was the best decision of my career. Not only did it expertly sharpen my clinical acumen, but it provided me with opportunities to advance in areas such as publishing, research, and teaching. I grew a CV that set me apart from other candidates with similar experience, and helped me to acquire whichever position I desired. Lastly, Dr. Epstein’s guidance was unique in that he didn’t just teach me the facts. He taught me how to think critically in the clinical setting, how to arrive at the best decision when I didn’t initially know the answer. I have found this skill to be invaluable in both patient care and teaching. I would recommend his preceptorship to any professional desiring to excel in the field of pharmacy.

– Donna Leverone, Pharm.D., Nov 2013

“The fellowship program at Medimix opened multiple gateways of pharmacy for me; after the completion of my residency, I felt confident that I could pursue and succeed in virtually any field including academia, industry, or clinical pharmacy. My directors were extremely supportive of my individual growth as a resident and provided the platform for a successful and dynamic career in the ever-changing world of pharmacy, which I knew would benefit my professional endeavors for years to come.”

– Marjohn Armoon, Pharm.D., Nov 2013