Published on September 9, 2021


With a deep understanding of how the recent events of COVID-19 affected the healthcare system on the national level, we have carried out an extensive analysis of demand and supply and its current balance on the pharmaceutical market. As a result, we are happy to present you the project that has been in our pipeline for a while now and is scheduled to launch in two months from now: 24/7 American Pharmacy. This service is designed to bring measurable relief to all actors within the pharmaceutical industry, from manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers to consumers.

Our ambition and our focus lie entirely with the consumers, that is rank and file pharmacy shoppers who experience difficulties in finding medications for the management of COVID-19 symptoms. Our goal is to help you find the most suitable medication for a reasonable price.

To this end, we worked out a system that allows monitoring the world market in search of cheaply-priced generics to medications that have confirmed potential in relieving and mitigating such bothersome systems as fever, cough, respiratory difficulty and others. Here you will be able to find hydroxychloroquine, Amoxicillin and similar medications that you will be able to order from trusted manufacturers without overpaying following a talk with your trusted healthcare professional.

UPD, November 14, 2021.

We launched our new service! Follow the link :

UPD, November 17, 2021.

Improved product search. Now it finds not only a one-to-one match by name, but also similar products.