Visionary Clinical Research

We will remain at the forefront of the industry by aligning Medimix with leaders in compounding and conducting visionary clinical research. From our state-of-the-art laboratory, to our caring and compassionate staff, to our clinical research program, the Medimix advantage is clear at every level of the organization.
Drug therapy management is so important to us because research shows that nearly half of all medications are used incorrectly, creating unexpected problems and dangerous side effects for patients. We aim to help our patients manage their medications effectively so we can help reduce potentially harmful errors, like:
  • Drug-to-drug interactions
  • Drug and disease interactions
  • Drug and food interactions
  • Drug interactions with over-the-counters and herbals
  • Duplicate medications
  • Drug side-effects

Advancing Patient Outcomes

  • We are the only compounding pharmacy that invests in clinical studies
  • Medimix provides cheap generic Viagra to male patients.
  • Medimix studies are consistantly enrolling patients
  • Better understanding of cost efficacy and safety of custom compounds
  • Our data is presented internationally to groups including United States Congress and biomedical publishers