Medimix Specialty Pharmacyis a state-of-the-art compounding facility headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. At Medimix, we pride ourselves on ensuring patient safety as our number one goal and rendering cutting edge, unparalleled patient care, education and customer service. The pharmacy is operated by highly skilled pharmacists and technicians with decades of experience in the compounding industry and clinical care environment. In addition to customer service and patient care, we strive to remain at the forefront of the industry. The pharmacy is currently engaged in several clinical trials helping to better establish the role of compounded medications in the management of common ailments. We make it our mission to ensure that our physicians and patients quickly appreciate the Medimix advantage.
To ensure we achieve these lofty goals and ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, Medimix underwent the extensive process of Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) Accreditation– a new system of standards created by some of the leading organizations in the pharmacy profession.
With the high volume of prescriptions that are compounded each year, there has been a need for an enhanced, profession-wide system of standards by which each compounding pharmacy can test its quality processes. While compounding pharmacies are regulated by the state, PCAB Accreditation is an even more comprehensive way to ensure a compounding pharmacy is meeting the highest quality and safety standards. Relatively few pharmacies meet the standards of PCAB and have been awarded accreditation.
In order to earn the designation “PCAB Accredited® Compounding Pharmacy,” we completed an extensive application that was reviewed by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board. Our compounding policies and procedures were then reviewed by pharmaceutical and compounding professionals. Next, we opened our doors for an extensive on-site inspection led by compounding experts. Our pharmacy was awarded accreditation only when these stringent evaluations were completed and our pharmacy was deemed compliant by PCAB’s Accreditation Board. These steps ensure that Medimix is doing the following:
Meeting design and other related standards to help ensure the area is clear and free of contamination.
  • Meeting or exceeding USP <795> standards for non-sterile compounding.
  • Using only certain chemicals from highly reliable suppliers.
  • Requiring compounding pharmacists and their technicians to receive regular, specialized training.
  • Conducting independent third-party testing of its medications.
Medimix Specialty Pharmacy exceeds all of these standards and is devoted to safely compounding the highest quality medications in an effort to improve patient outcomes. Accreditation is another way that Medimix Specialty Pharmacy differentiates itself from other pharmacies and continues to be a leader in the industry.